About Me

Cheyne Gallarde is a 38 year old illustrator in Hawaii. As a child, his drawing inspirations were saturday morning cartoons like He-Man and Thundercats. As a self-taught artist, his life changed after he picked up a copy of Stan Lee’s “How to Draw the Marvel Way”. To this day, his main inspiration continues to be the king of comics Jack Kirby and modern illustrator like Dave Gibbons and Joe Quinones. Cheyne’s work is quintessential pop art, combining his love of fierce females and comic books from the Gold and Silver Age of Comics. Cheyne was recently hired by LOGOTV to create illustrations celebrating John Waters’ 72nd birthday. Other recent work includes artwork for drag race alumni Aja and Monet X Change. When not drawing or painting, Cheyne loves to play video games, binge-watch reality TV and play with his four-legged sidekick Rocket.